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Every piece of corporate or product literature must communicate its message clearly and confidently for it to be a success for any company. A well designed brochure should encompass a professional feel to any meeting or presentation; when you hand out your brochures to clients you need to feel

proud of what you are handing out. We design brochures that give the client and customers confidence in your company.

Please see below for some examples of our brochure design work

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1. Autobar

Autobar vending machines, based in Leicestershire, Came to us wanting a new design and feel for their new range of vending machines. These Brochures were specifically designed to give a professional and clear feel to them as they would largely be used and distributed within corporate meetings and appointments, so giving off the correct impression was essential.

2. Real Meal Kitchens

Real Meal Kitchen of Newark, Nottingham wanted a brochure design to promote themselves to customers around the East Midlands. They specifically asked us to focus on there ethos and culinary beliefs so they could show there clients and prospective customers why they were different to any other kitchen in Nottinghamshire.

3. Retail Assist

This Brochure was designed for Retail Assist based in Nottingham, the original brief was to design a brochure template for there quarterly newsletter campaigns the purpose of these brochures was to really let there customers and prospective customers know about there latest news and events.

4. Morgan Tucker

Morgan Tucker consulting engineers of Newark, Nottingham, required a brochure that had a very corporate and professional appearance to it. The Brochure was to be used largely as a ethos pack displaying the company's services, structure and vision, that would be handing out to clients at meetings and appointments.

5. Raritan

Raritan remote access solutions based in London, wanted a brochure design for there conference meeting with there business partners, so it had to clearly demonstrate a professional corporate appearance with a simple list of the days activities and meetings.

companies we work with

Since we have been trading we have done projects for clients of varying sizes in many different industries and sectors, including...

  • Online shops, Auction websites
  • Content managed websites for solicitors, Consultancies, magazines and publishers
  • Websites for start-up business


  • Estate agents websites
  • Entertainment industry
  • Websites for restaurants, bars, hotels and venues.
  • Social network development
  • Community websites including forum design and chat rooms
  • Blog design

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