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logo design in nottingham

Lewin & Co are experts in logo design, no matter what your industry

We love producing fantastic Logos and Brandings, and we’ve done work for a whole host of clients in a wide variety of different sectors and markets.

We communicate with you from the very beginning of any project regarding your thoughts and general feel for the project. We always respect our clients' ideas so it's important to have this interaction from the start, as it not only helps us supply you with superb designs but also helps our clients understand our thought process.

Your logo design is one of the most important aspects of your entire

business structure, so it is key to have a logo you are 100% happy with and that gives you the confidence to move your business forward.

Whether you're a new business just starting up in need of some fresh and eye-catching solutions for your brand, or a company thats been trading for a while in need of a new direction, give us a call and we'd be only too happy to help.

Please see below for some examples of our logo design work

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1. ProCars

Procars is an internet based car dealership and finance supplier based in Nottinghamshire. Procars required a fresh new, contemporary design that would work well on web based content and on stand alone material, with the use of simple colour and shape with a clean and crisp font.

2. Nottingham Cosmetics Consortium

NCC (Nottingham Cosmetic Consortium) came together to supply a new modern way to supply cosmetic surgery to the Nottingham area. From this we designed the logo with both style and form in mind, the logo itself represents the form of a figure in an abstract way, loosely based around the work of the artist Henry Moore.

3. The Full Moon Inn

When designing this logo we had to take into consideration that the logo was largely to be used in print and signage work due to the nature of the business. The logo itself is born from the name, with the second ‘O’ representing the full moon, the use of a modern font also helps to portray an image that Inn had been recently refurbished, a fresh restart so to speak.

4. Cema Tracking Solutions

The brief for Cema Tracking Solutions logo was to create a brand that represented professionalism, results and security. Cema mainly use their tracking devices within the automotive sector, and this influenced the colours and shape of the logo we designed.

5. Alert4Pets

The aim of this logo was to encompass the feeling of the word Alert within this logo, as the product was a tracking device for pet users, and a support website where people could post their missing pets and information about the pet.

We had to get the feel that this was in essence an alarm button that was easily recognisable and which instantly led people to the website itself.

companies we work with

Since we have been trading we have done projects for clients of varying sizes in many different industries and sectors, including...

  • Online shops, Auction websites
  • Content managed websites for solicitors, Consultancies, magazines and publishers
  • Websites for start-up business


  • Estate agents websites
  • Entertainment industry
  • Websites for restaurants, bars, hotels and venues.
  • Social network development
  • Community websites including forum design and chat rooms
  • Blog design

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