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we look indepth at your site to make sure it fulfills its potential.

These days everyone claims to be website designer. If you can build a simple site it automatically qualifies you as a website designer. Wrong. Design is one thing and development of a site is something else. Both are highly skilled services and require proper training. For us it’s a way of life.

Budgets often determine which route a client takes when looking for an online presence. Building a site yourself is one way; the other is to get a cheap site made by a friend in their back bedroom. But be careful buying cheap can often mean buying twice and causing you problems you need not have had. They can also look dreadful.

A website is not just something you can confess to have for the sake if it. If you have one and it doesn’t bring in new clients it simply does not work. It

shouldn’t necessarily be something you can point people to, to show the product and services. It needs to be found via search engines too – where do you look for something first?

83% of us have at one time shopped online. In the UK during 2009 £38 billion was spent online; this is increasing by 25% year on year. With so many people spending so much money online, all offline traders need to rethink their strategy. A small piece of this pie can be very fruitful. During Christmas 2009, 4.3 million people made purchases online. Do you have a shop or product you sell based on footfall past the shop? Are you hoping to increase sales this next year?

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companies we work with

Since we have been trading we have done projects for clients of varying sizes in many different industries and sectors, including...

  • Online shops, Auction websites
  • Content managed websites for solicitors, Consultancies, magazines and publishers
  • Websites for start-up business


  • Estate agents websites
  • Entertainment industry
  • Websites for restaurants, bars, hotels and venues.
  • Social network development
  • Community websites including forum design and chat rooms
  • Blog design

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